How to use Cortana with Microsoft Edge, A perfect combination

We all know that Cortana is capable of but a deep integration of it with Microsoft Edge gives new power to web browsing. We can take help of Cortana, our Personal Assistant while using Microsoft Edge, new Browser of Microsoft, in an unique way. Microsoft Edge is already a new beast in the web browser category and comes with “Ask Cortana” feature. For explaining in details lets have a look over what we can do on Edge using Cortana.

After selecting any word or sentence users will get “Ask Cortana” option in their right click option and Cortana will bring out its best result by its impressive search. Result of that search will come on right sidebar so emerged after user interaction by clicking on Ask Cortana option. Here is how it comes:


When you ask Cortana about Windows 10, then she smartly answers “I Love it here” along with brief detail about it:


Cortana knows who is father of her and so she result about the Microsoft as the place where she was born:


While we talk see any date, we can her about it whether any thing special about it or any other details on web related to this date, she responds in detail about date too:


In case while reading any article or post on web using Microsoft Edge we get stuck on some word then we can also have its meaning on just a click. Here is how:


This is what Microsoft Edge as well Cortana is capable of doing. Enjoy the feature so added by Microsoft developers on this unique browser so as to improve our browsing experience. This is the reason it’s the “Browser for doing“. Stay tuned for more features of Microsoft Edge.