HTML5 helps out to make SkyDrive for a modern web

Windowsteamblog just revealed that SkyDrive for modern web will be using HTML5 and will helps out the users to make their web experience with it much more better. This new SkyDrive will be much more faster, easy to use and navigate, more fluid to photos and still just wait to see more of it coming out there soon. Either you are seeing the new reflection of HTML5 on SkyDrive or in coming days you’ll also be empowered with the modern times SkyDrive. In case you are an user of Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9 then you can pin the SkyDrive to your Taskbar and create Office files in the cloud in just one click. Below is a video explaining and showing the power of HTML5 into SkyDrive:

You can check out much more info and details of it on windowsteamblog.