IE9 hits new height of success this year since launch

We already know after the launch of IE9 on 15th September, real browser war get started again with the introduction of some new terms and tech like HTML5, CSS3 etc. From the date IE9 got concentration of users day by day like flood and now its very glad to see that IE9 hits 20 Million Downloads. Market share for browsers were like not stable but goes on increasing and decreasing day by day. And in this market share field IE9 snatched 0.46% of internet users worldwide at year end. 
IE9 also seen as platform previews twice in three months span since launch and is the leading browser in JavaScript performance as per WebKit SunSpider. Also when it comes to security IE9 is beating all other browsers and leading in this field also in protecting customers against online threats as per NSS labs. IE9 feature of pinning the sites and jump lists experiences in Windows 7 brought over 900 sites in as IE9 partners and in this new year its expected to see some more beautiful web. So till some thing exciting this year happy new year and just wait and watch.