Download Platform Preview 1 for Internet Explorer 10

After a successful release of Internet Explorer 9 now Microsoft came up with the same approach of Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10 as like of IE9.  Now Microsoft is releasing the IE10 in platform preview way with its initial bits can be seen in PP1.  In this PP we will see lots of changes with full hardware acceleration using native HTML5 and full support of CSS3 which is not yet supported by any other browser as IE is doing now.

Internet Explorer 10 is released with version number as: 10.0.1000.16394 and we will see the progress in development of IE10 in every 8-10 weeks as Microsoft will release it as platform previews.

After downloading the PP1 you can try following Keyboard Shortcuts. IE10 allows to rendering of Web Page from IE5 to IE10.

To Open a webpage Ctrl + O
Refresh Current Web Page F5
Go To Home Page F10
Open Developer Toolbar F12
To Force IE5 rendering mode Alt + 5
To Force IE6 rendering mode Alt + 6
To Force IE7 rendering mode Alt + 7
To Force IE8 rendering mode Alt + 8
To Force IE9 rendering mode Alt + 9
To Force IE10 rendering mode Alt + 0
To Reset Document Mode to the page default Ctrl + Alt + 0
Zoom in and out the Web Page Ctrl +/-
Open Help File Alt + ?
Save Webpage As… Ctrl + S
Open About Page Alt + /

Download IE 10 Platform Preview 1. or Test Drive IE10 PP1.