Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 7 released.

IE9 is going on in beta and its platform preview are releasing regularly with lots of improvements and enhancements. This time after platform preview 6 was released on 28th of last month, platform preview 7 is on the floor. It includes the real-world performance improvements across sites on the web. In each release there is improvements over JavaScript and with HTML5, chakra and Microsoft’s JavaScript engine, IE9 is now leading over all other browser in performance based on JavaScript as per Webkit SunSpider. All over the world Internet Explorer is users choice and being adopted by users rapidly. As per date IE9 beta had moreover 13 million downloads since launch.

Performance Gains in Platform Preview 7

WebKit SunSpider results can be seen here:

Improvement and performance gain of platform preview 7 is clear by seeing the video and the WebKit SunSpider results over JavaScript.
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