iPhone 5 leaked video and pictures

Lots of rumors about iPhone 5 around the web and for the same my curiosity to know about it led to a leaked video of iPhone 5. While seeking for more news about iPhone 5 I found snippet of an official Apple iPhone 5 promo video. Check the iPhone 5 leaked video:

Study says that more than 80% of iPhone users enjoy taking pics of foods from their iPhone rather than doing some other work. Users take out their phone and snap & share food photos. So here is Apple’s next generation thinking for a new concept for iPhone users – “picture your life better”. There are lots of iPhone 5 leaked pictures too, see here:

iPhone 5 leaked pictures

iPhone 5 leaked pictures

iPhone 5 leaked video

Stay tuned for more news coming about iPhone 5 as soon there will be some big announcement from Apple may be before Microsoft Surface launches worldwide. Images via iLab Factory.