Let Me Bing That For You ~ similar as Let Me Google That For You

Some people like to search for themselves rather they bother someone else with their stupid questions. This website is inspired from Let Me Google That For You and is meant for such persons. Let me Bing that for you is for all those people that love to bother you with their question rather than simply Bing it themselves. While answering such questions in a funny manner, you’re also educating those people on how to use search. “Teach a man to fish” as they say. 🙂

This website has an image associated with it which keeps on changing daily as similar to that of Bing
Development: Maarten Balliauw, Juliën Hanssens, Phil Haack
Inspiration: Let me Google that for you
Contact: Phil Haack
And it is not associated to Microsoft nor to Bing.