Lets know what is Google + Project

Google + is a new innovation of Google Team to stand at top in this competitive market of Social Network where Facebook is leading all over the world. Now a days more than I’ll call text you or call you we hear Meet you on fb (facebook). So this is how the era of Social network changed the lifestyle of people in the last decade.

Google + Project with the motto of  Real-life Sharing, rethough for the web emerged few days back where we can join the project only by invitation. In short crisp words Google Plus (Google +) is new competitor in the Social hub where it incorporates features of Facebook as it resembles to it much but with some improvement and some complexity.

Both differ in the manner how they call their features like:

  • Facebook is having Like, Google Plus is +.
  • Facebook is having List, Google Plus have Circles.
  • Facebook is having Pages which we like and make our intereset, Google + is having Sparks.
  • Facebook is having Share, Google + is having Stream.

But Google + still takeover Facebook in features which we will see later in details. But hope is that Google + may takeover Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks by giving users what they want at one place.