Lumia Black Update available for Windows Phone

Nokia rolls out the most awaited update for Windows Phone that is Lumia Black. Lumia Black is next big update after Lumia Amber for Windows Phone based Nokia Lumia SmartPhones. This update is ready and being rolled out this month by Nokia. May be the update has been installed on some phones else update is coming to rest of phones in coming days.


Lumia Black update will bring new camera experience and lots of other features including Windows Phone Update 3 features. Windows Phone Update 3 includes screen rotation, custom tones for messages, emails, and reminders, and Driving Mode. Notification will come to your phone which will guide about steps for updating to Lumia Black.

What you’ll get in Lumia Black:

Enhanced Glance Screen: Glance Screen already released with earlier update but this time night-mode colors are added. Notifications so added are for missed calls, text and instant messages, unread emails and much more.

Nokia Camera app for Lumia lovers: Get creative with this app as it brings best features of three different imaging apps. Mixed with Pro mode and Smart mode one can get best stills and video with this app.

Storyteller from Nokia: Create timeline of your photos on top of a map or even combine time, place to bring events and trips to single, rich picture story.

Nokia Beamer: Only those Lumia smartphones which are powered by 1GB of RAM will get this app for sharing your Lumia screen with and internet-connected TV or computer or with another smartphone.

Check here whether you’ll get the Lumia Black update or not and if yes then when update will be available for your phone. Lumia Amber update is already available for all Lumia Smartphone. In case you haven’t update to Lumia Amber so please update your smartphone to Lumia Amber.

Nokia also released App Folder app for all Lumia users which will let you customize your app and settings into Folders as per your need. Pin them on Start Screen and utilize max from Windows Phone.