Mango update (WP 7.5) available for Windows Phone

Finally the wait is over for all WP7 users. From today onwards Microsoft started rolling the Mango update for Windows Phone all over the world. More than 98 percent of existing Windows Phone customer will get the update of Windows Phone 7.5.

Which update users will get?
Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango update and the 7720 update.

When will I get it?
Almost all users are getting it, but the update will be delivered gradually. It’ll take around 4 weeks to reach all existing customers. You can check out hereĀ  for the latest global status info.

I got my Windows Phone update to Mango, here are some of the pics of mine update:

After updating the Windows Phone to Mango:

Mango update is in progress and thats also with full speed so that every customer gets the update ASAP. So just wait for your update.