Microsoft Launches Universal Mobile Keyboard, One Keyboard for iOS, Android and Windows

In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smart device like Tablets or Smartphones, but its quite not easy to use on-screen-keyboard full-fledged. Several people want to use a separate keyboard for their devices, but it’s not easy to carry multiple keyboards if you’ve more than one smartphone or tablet. That’s the reason Microsoft came up with a unique but single solution for every device – “Universal Mobile Keyboard”.

Universal Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft get rids of multiple keyboards as per your device and gives you comfortable and efficient way of getting your work done. This unique keyboard comes up with an integrated detachable stand and works with Windows tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

It has a dedicated button which switches it working from iOS to Windows to Android in just one switch. You can choose from there on what device you want to use this keyboard. Universal Mobile Keyboard connects using Bluetooth to your device irrespective of your Operating System platform.

Microsoft will make this device available from October at a unique price of $79.95 at Microsoft Store.