Microsoft suggests to use Hotmail and SkyDrive on PC, Mac or Phone to taste the cloud today

Microsoft is saying that rather than waiting for the cloud service to be implemented world wide by them its better to use Microsoft’s services like Hotmail and SkyDrive on your PC, Mac or Phone. With Hotmail you can access your mail, calendar and contacts anywhere with ease and sync right to your Android Phone, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone as well as to Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail. All is already set up in the cloud with ever growing storage, just you need to set up your account if not using the service yet. With SkyDrive you have access to online 25GB storage present in the cloud where you can upload your snaps, videos and share them with the world to your friends. Also Windows Phone have the capability of uploading your data with one click. Already there are many Windows Phone users using the feature SkyDrive to upload the photos as compared to typical users. If we talk about documents then its also possible with ease and sync as SkyDrive and Office are providing the facility which is being used world wide to share documents, edit or view them easily. SkyDrive is already integrated with the Office Web Apps in order to access, share, edit, view the Office documents which works seamlessly on to your PC, Windows Phone, Mac and even with iPhone (OneNote mobile for iPhone).

Watch the videos for a quick sneak peek preview of what’s ready to come this fall: