MSN launched HTML 5 based music player website Visualizer

MSN launched Visualizer, a music website fully based on HTML 5. MSN Visualizer uses Flickr as the source of images which are shown on the website and the music so played is from UK record label Ninja Tune. MSN is bringing power of HTML5 for experiencing music and images in a new innovative way. You just need to select a song and rest is on the Visualizer app which will play the song for you along with the images from flickr so as to match with the song lyric.

MSN Visualizer

Even if you want to write your own lyrics then it can be also done easily where your so written poems or random thoughts will be displayed on an instrumental track. Simply share your creation with your friends. About MSN Visualizer:

Visualizer by msn plays 47 songs and shows millions of pictures. The lyrics with a total of over 11’000 words explore flickr as tags for images, the dynamic selection within the search results happens randomly. Each time a song is being played, visualizer by msn creates a completely new and unique video clip. Enjoy it and use it: write your own words, play it with a random song and send the sounding message to your friends. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s highly personal. This website is developed by Hindeling Volkart AG.

If anybody wants to give feedback to MSN then all are welcome. As this MSN Visualizer is on trial basis now so feedback and suggestions are welcomed on