Music Search Coming to Mango

Bing researchers team with the team of Windows Phone a.k.a Mango developed a new feature which will come built in Mango as Music Search. This feature have its own capability more than lots of other apps which can do for you. Mango’s Music Search helps you to find out the name of Song or Artist  and the download or buy link direct from Zune Store in case you want to know about the song you are listening to. Just take out your phone tap the Music note icon in the Bing and the Music Search starts.

Mango Music Search Mango Music Search

Only 3 seconds slice of Music is send to Bing to search in the Zune catalog where it looks over millions of millions of Songs and return with result. In case search is unsuccessful then another slice of 3 seconds is send. This helps in less usage of your data plan with effective results. Wait for this amazing feature in Mango.