New Hotmail features: Flags done right

Hotmail Flags are getting better day by day and with the help of flags we never lose track of a single important message from our inbox. In our daily life we get numerous messages but they got push down as a new one arrives so we can’t easily track important ones. But with Hotmail on the web, when you flag any message, it will stay at the top of your inbox until you unflag them.

Hotmail features

It’s very easy to flag or unflag any message as can be done by simply clicking in the message header. At the time when you look at the whole message list, just hover over a message and you can:

Hotmail features Delete: Deletes a message.

Hotmail features Flag: Keeps a message at the top of your inbox.

Hotmail features Mark as read : Marks an unread message as read and marks a message you’ve read as unread.

Check out the feature working in video:


If you’re using Hotmail already then surely you are going to love the feature and will get benefits from this. In case you are not Hotmail user, it’s better you give a try to it, surely Hotmail will not let you down. Stay tuned for more features. 🙂