New Hotmail feature to fight against graymail

Hotmail team released a new feature to fight against graymail so that ou can take control of your inbox and keep track of those emails which are important to you.

What is graymail: These are the legitimate newsletters, offers, or notifications which are of no need to some extent and such unwanted email are called as graymail. Some people mark such emails as spam but these are not and doing so we miss some important messages from our inbox. That’s why Hotmail team geared up to declare a war against graymail.

What’s in your inbox: Our inbox contain more that one to one mails. According to stats about 50% of the mail in a typical inbox is newsletters or deals, social updates uses 17%, and about 14% is person to person email. REst of the mails that’s about 19% represents mail from group distribution lists, shopping receipts and commerce, and true spam. Here is a pictorial pie graph of stats:

What new features are added: Hotmail team added five powerful tools to take control of your inbox, get rid of graymail and to keep track of important mails. These powerful features are added as because of customers feedback and reports of the messages as spam or junk. This resulted in decrease in true spam in the inbox but stil customers inbox is full of newsletters, deals and other clutters which in turn leads to lose of track of the really important message.

New newsletter category
Last time automatic categorization of social updates, messages that contain Office docs, messages with photos, and even shipping notifications were covered and now a special category of newsletters is being added.

One click unsubscribe
Click on unsubscribe to stop getting a particular newsletter and leave rest to Hotmail. After this any new mails will come to your junk until the sender takes you off their list.

Schedule Cleanup –With this feature you can:

  • Keep only the latest message from a given sender
  • Delete messages as they get old (3 days, 10 days, 30 days, or 60 days)
  • Move messages to a folder as they get old

How to use it:

  • Keep only the latest event calendar email from your favorite site
  • Keep only the latest deal from Groupon or LivingSocial, or any other deal vendor
  • Delete your newsletters after 10 days – that way, whether you read them or not, they are never clogging up your inbox
  • Automatically archive mail from your financial institutions to a folder after 30 days

Keeping important mail right up front: Flags done right
Unique features so added to your Hotmail will not just delete or move mails to folders rather it also ensure the availability and ease of access to important messages. Flags are used for that purpose as now flags are a category just like newsletters or social updates so that cleanup and sweep can be performed on such flagged mails too.

Have different types of email? Create custom categories
Automatic categories are good but here is one more thing where customers can have their own custom categories without any complex steps which will show up as QuickViews right next to folders.

Stay tuned for more features which will be rolling in coming weeks.