Facebook feature of sharing content from website/blog will no longer available

Today When I login to my Facebook account, i got one notification stating that now we can’t automatically import contents from our website or blog into our Facebook Notes. From November 22 this feature of facebook will be no longer available to us. It’s sad to hear but now we have to post links of individual posts from our website/blog to our timeline in order to share contents. And also we can write individual notes too.  Notification so received was like this:


In order to share contents of our website/blog I’m using an app named NetworkedBlogs. To share use this app of facebook. Syndication feature of NetworkedBlogs Automatically publish posts to Facebook and Twitter and so you don’t have to worry, simply indicate the target where to push posts and it will do it automatically. According to my view its safe and is promising too. All bloggers can use it without any problems and even lots of bloggers are using it on facebook.

You can see what is facebook time line if you don’t know about it or if you want to activate your own facebook timeline.