Office 2010 Beta at downloads at record breaking rate

With the new year celebration the Microsoft Office team is motivated more than ever by what we’re hearing about customers’ experiences with Office 2010. Microsoft Office’s General Manager Rachel Bondi said that users have downloaded more than 2 million trial copies of Office 2010 in just seen weeks with a rate of 40,000 downloads per day. He said that “The Office 2010 beta is generating record interest and use, surpassing the previous Office 2007 beta download rate”. And the download rate has increased from prevous version of Office.
Most importantly, 9 out of 10 beta users feel that the Office 2010 beta is an improvement over their current productivity suite.

So Microsoft’s goal is now to make Office 2010 the best rpoductivity suite ever, and making it easier for everyone to try, buy and use Office.
Happy Office Computing !!!