OneNote for Windows 8 released

OneNote for Windows 8 and other devices like iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone and Android is available for download. Demo of OneNote app was shown in an Office Webinar by Doug Thomas in which he explains about the key features of OneNote.

Watch the Office webinar here:

OneNote for Windows 8

With OneNote it’s very easy to take notes and save it to the cloud and access them anywhere when you need them.  OneNote can be used on any device and even on any browser. Keep yourself organized and stay updated with notebooks, sections and pages.

Features of OneNote app:

  • Make lists — Quickly write up to-do lists with check boxes.
  • Draw and write — Use your device’s pen to draw in your notes as you would on paper.
  • Take pictures — Take photos with your device’s camera to put in your notes.
  • Customize formatting — Organize your notes with tables, bullets, colors, and more.
  • Integrated search — OneNote works with the Windows 8 search charm, so you can always find the notes you’re looking for.
  • Snap view — Need to reference another app or website while taking notes? OneNote can snap to the side of your screen so you can use both apps at the same time.

Download OneNote app for Windows 8.