Oppurtunity to win $5000 from Microsoft’s Server Quest II !!!

An excellent oppurtunity is provided by Microsoft to the Geek’s who wants stand in the market of games. Simply everybody has to sbmit a sweet game in Silverlight and with enough votes could be a winner.

Get Goin with Silverlight 2 SDK:
It’s time to get your creation caps on and craft some cool and unique games using Silverlight 2. This is the only tool you need to develop imaginative and exciting games that will keep people playing for hours. All you have to do is download the Silverlight 2 SDK, install the software and then construct the best game you can dream of.

Step 1 – Download Silverlight 2 SDK

Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008
Download Silverlight 2 SDK

Step 2 – Learn More

Get Started
Video Tutorials

For more Details and registration regarding the Server Quest visit here.