Password Checker ~ Utility to check the strengths of the passwords

Everybody want to be safe, be secure and the way to remain safe and secure is
to use safe, secure and strong password so as to keep attackers away from safe
locations. But the question is how to create a strong password and then how do
one know that the passwords created by an user is safe or not or whether it is a
strong one or not. So don’t worry Microsoft have its solution. The Redmond giant
provides a Password Checker Utility to check the strengths of the passwords.

Solution for creating strong password. Click here.

Solution for getting your passwords strength:
You can easily check strength of your passwords. Example of Best password from my
view is like “ILuvMyQu@dC()re” it is easy to remember as “ILuvMyQuadCore”
different way. The password checker rates the passwords as Weak, Medium, Strong
and Best.
Password Checker

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