Password privacy: How it is done.

We already had a blog post on How to Create Strong Paswords. Password is something which is used to keep things secured, safe and away from threats so as to keep information protected. But as much as our information is imnportant and neccessary to be protected, in the same way password is also to be kept secret.

It is recommended to use strong passwords while accessing social networking websites, computer system etc where we keep our personal or financial information.
There are some key points to remember and follow as:
1. Never reply to an e-mail request asking for your password. There may be some Internet “phishing” scams using fraudulent e-mail messages requetin your e-mail’s username and password.
2. Never provide your password over e-mail.
3. Never access your account from other system that you do not control as like in INternet cafes, in any conferences, computer labs, kiosk systems, and airport lounges. Such places are unsafe for account accessing activities.
It may be possible that Cyber criminals can use keystroke logging devices which gather whatever is typed on a computer, including passwords.
4. Never trust anyone so don’t reveal your passwords to someone.
Its a good habbit to keep your passwords hidden from friends or family members (especially children) who could pass them on to other, less trustworthy individuals.
5. Keep your recorded passwords protected.
Never try to store passwords on a file in your computer, as these places are easy to be hacked. So always keep your record of the passwords in a safe, secure place.
6. Have more than one password.
Always try to keep different passwords for different Web sites and services.