[Review] PDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite is a very handy and useful tool in todays era of digital information. Everyone in this digital world using some editable format as well Portable format for saving information like Docs, Xls, Ppts, or PDFs. But in our daily routine several time we came across with some situations where we need to converter non-editable format files like PDFs into some editable format in order to do some changes. PDF Converter is the best option in such cases. What PDF Converter is capable of:

  • Convert PDF to just about any editable format.
  • Pull out the content from your PDF and move it into the format you want.
  • Extract only the information that you need and not the entire document.

PDF Converter ELite 4 Installation

PDF Converter Elite 4

Features of PDF Converter Elite:
Convert scanned PDF documents

This feature enables you to extract scanned data from PDF and make it editable. Not all PDF conversion tools have OCR engine that makes conversion of scanned documents possible.

Create secure PDFs

PDF Converter Elite 4 Home

If you care about your document privacy, this feature is just for you. Not only can you create a PDF from 300+ file formats, but you can also create password-protected PDF documents and set up different file permissions.

Make personalized spreadsheets out of PDF

If you deal with Excel spreadsheets, this feature may come in handy for you. This latest version of PDF Converter Elite actually introduces the whole new way of converting PDF tables to Excel format. You can personalize each row and column according to your preferences and before the actual conversion.

Convert multiple PDFs at once

PDF Converter Elite 4 Batch Conversion

This option definitely helps your productivity in situations when you need to deal with multiple PDF documents and convert them to the same file format.

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