Rina Dhaka’s mail account being hacked.

No, don’t send Rina that money!!!

Yes, this is right. Yesterday Times of India reported that Rina dhaka’s account broken into and an email was sent to all of her saved contact person asking for help of $2000 for paying her hotel bills and for returning to home. In the mail the hacker also ensured that money will be returned back when she will came back to her home town.

On June 3, Wednesday, many people got that mail from Rina, saying that she was in London, had lost her wallet there, and to please send her $2000 through ‘Fedez Money Transfer Ltd’ . Her mail said she would pay the money, but needed it to get home. But it was a hacker or a malicious software, possibly, that had acquired access to her contacts’ list and sent the mail.

Many of her contacts actually thought Rina was in trouble. “I have a lot of buyers who are not English-speaking – German, Japanese… One of my German buyers contacted the Indian embassy in England. She was almost weeping on the phone, telling me that she was really sorry that I was in such a bad way. It was the same with an American and a Japanese buyer. One of my film producer friends and his wife called me from their shooting location. But those who don’t know me well enough may believe this is the face of India!” Rina fumes.

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