Schirmfoto Review – Capture screen direct from your Window’s Title Bar

Schirmfoto a free utility from Abelssoft which takes Screenshots in seconds by integrating itself into your Windows System. With the help of this tool its very easy to take screenshots. Schirmfoto provides you lots of way to take screenshots, direct uploading to web, different format of saving the captured image.


Features of Schirmfoto:

Captures screen in seconds. Captures can be saved to PDF, JPG, or to PNG. Direct Uploading to Web in one click, including Twitter and Facebook. Several tools like Crop, Marker, Watermark, Text and more so that image parts can be highlighted or image can be modified. Direct printing of captures and even you can copy them to your clipboard. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Free of Cost.

As you’ll install the Schirmfoto it will get integrated with your Operating System and a new button will get added to each Windows’s Title bar. Image gallery of using the Schirmfoto:

To create a screenshot just click on the icon so integrated on Title bar of your Window and your image will get captured & opened in Schirmfoto where you can modify or directly save or upload the image.

Download the Schirmfoto free of charge from Abelssoft. You can read other Software review here.