Seesmic for Windows Phone Mango available now

Windows Phone Mango got released and so updates are rolling for apps based on Windows Phone. Here in series Seesmic got its own. With the help of Seesmic you can view and update multiple social networks in ease and in an efficient manner. Seesmic is a powerful app which is freely available for Windows Phone with update for latest version Mango. We can easily manage multiple Twitter accounts, our facebook account and even Salesforce Chatter account via Seesmic.


And now as it is updated to Mango edition support here are the features so added as per Seesmic blog are:

  • Updated UI for Home and Search: Following Microsoft’s UI Guidelines: We removed buttons from the home panorama and placed them instead in the app bar.
  • Update panorma screen by removing search field and placing it in the app bar.
  • Implementation of Live Tiles: Similar to shortcuts, users can pin a handful of Twitter feeds (including Home Timeline, Replies, Direct Messages) to the start menu. Live Tiles also include a notification when a user receives a message.
  • Fast App switching: When a user presses and holds the back button, he can move to another app. The support for this feature includes keeping the application active when a user moves back without restarting the application.

So if you love Social networking via Windows Phone why not to try Seesmic which now works for Windows Phone 7.5.  Download Seesmic for Windows Phone.