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Signing up for Windows Insider Program will be the best choice right now

Windows Insider program from Microsoft is the way to bring Windows 10 and made it available for all Insiders worldwide. Right now it’ll be great to be an Insider if you want to test the flavor of Windows 10 much earlier than everyone else gets it. Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 Technical Preview just after its initial announcements and yesterday Windows 10 Technical Preview for Consumer has been announced with build number 9926.

As an Insider not only you get the hottest builds of Windows 10 but you can help developers to build the future of Windows 10 by giving your feedback on Windows 10. We’ll be getting the bits of new build of Windows 10 most probably next week as Joe Belfiore announced on the Windows 10: Next Chapter Event. While Windows 10 for Phone will be called as Windows 10 itself and will be rolling for users in February. We’ll be covering more on Windows 10 for phone soon. Stay tuned for more updates.
Already 1.7 Million Insiders are there all over the world, it’s time for you to Signup for Windows Insider.

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