Signs of Spyware

Are you a victim of Spyware? Be safe before you are being watched.

If any of the symptoms listed below are the same you came across then your computer may be affected by some spyware or any other unwanted software.

Pop ups popping up all the time: If any pop up ads not related with the website being visited by you bombards which are often of any adult or other website. You may get them at the time you logon or even not browsing web, it seems to be sign of some spyware or unwanted software.

Settings changed and can’t reset:Some time the home page or search page settings are changed and even if way to make them correct is known can’t be done or changes back when system restarts.

Add-ons installed without user knowledge: Additional toolbars are added to the web browser without any need that can’t be removed and even if you managed to remove them you saw them again there after a reboot.

Computer goes slow: The reason behind the computer’s slow performance is the spywares and unwanted software which uses resources in order to track your activities and deliver ads. This may lead to computer crash in case of error in the software.

System might be affected with spyware or other unwanted software if the count of crashes increases or it responds slower than normal.