Spring Clean your PC automatically with Tune-Up utilities 2013 by Tuning evangelist Sandro Villinger

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to de-clutter and reorganize everything in your life. Did you ever realize how much your PC could benefit from its own spring cleaning as well?

Here are the exclusive Q&A with Sandro Villinger, Tuning Evangelist, Tune-Up Utilities.

Q.1) We all know how vital spring cleaning is, but why should it include PCs?

Ans. There are several reasons for why it should include PCs as well:

  • Ultrabooks and tablets come with SSDs, which typically range between 64-256 GB. Every GB counts, so throwing out gigabytes (and it will be GBs, especially on PCs that are older) of unnecessary data can really be of value.
  • Application and Windows crashes also may occur due to temporary files in the user and Windows folders. Users are able to solve crashes or general reliability issues by cleaning out temp files.

You can read about how to spring clean your PC by Sandro Villinger, Tuning Evangelist, Tune-Up Utilities.

Q. 2)  Is it critical for users to clean their PC consistently throughout the year – not just as part of their spring cleaning regiment?

Ans. Definitely! I personally clean out my PC on a weekly basis. That prevents it from cluttering up and slowing down over time

Q.3)  What are a few signs of poor PC performance?

Ans. Boot time is the first sign of poor PC performance: If your PC takes more than 30-45 seconds to boot-up and is not more than 2-3 years old, there is definitely room for improvement. Also, responsiveness of applications is also a good way to measure performance.

Q.4)  What steps can users take to improve their PC’s overall performance and extend its lifespan?

Ans.  I have a few set of rules I generally follow:

  • Before you install any piece of software, think long and hard if you actually need it or plan to use it regularly. If you just need it once, remember to uninstall it.
  • Go through the list of all your installed programs and decide if you still need all of these programs. Check out our Spring Cleaning series over at blog.tune-up.com for more.
  • To further clean up your system, read the How To: Disable Unnecessary Features in Windows Vista and 7 post.
  • Be sure that only the most necessary startup applications are loaded automatically when you turn your PC on. You can use TuneUp Utilities 2013 to turn off these apps.
  • Install new software you just want to try out within a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox or Hyper-V (Windows 8), instead or running it on your main PC.

So now you all know how much it’s necessary to clean up your PC. If you have any questions in mind fire them in comments section below. We’ll revert back with satisfactory answers. Have a look at the review of Tune-Up Utilities 2013 from us.

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