Time to Check your PC’s ability to run Windows 7

As the Windows 7 is going to be launched on 22nd October ’09 all over the world so now the time has come to have a check on your PCs whether they are enough capable to run Windows 7 or not. If you already run Windows Vista then your PC is ok for Windows 7 but in case if you not running Windows Vista then there is a simple way to check out ability of your PC to run Windows 7.
Only a small utility is needed to be installed and rest fo work will be done by that utility. It’s Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta, simply download, install and run. After that it’ll display a report regarding ability of your PC to run Windows 7 or suggestions in case if PC have some compatibility issues for next steps. Before starting its neccessary to plug an USB or other devices like printers, scanners, external hadr-disk used regularly with evaluating system.
For any more details regarding the Windows 7 upgrade advisor beta do visit Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and to download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor click here.
Install the downloaded file and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta from Start Menu and then clock on Start Check from the Windows as shown bleow:

It will check for the compatibility issues and then will generate the report detail of your PC capability. Thats it and PC will be checked for its ability to run Windows 7