Time to play with a duo Lappy: Touchable and typable.

In this computer era, we all see lots of changes, lots of hi tech gadgets, touch screen, wireless keyboard. We have used Laptops with keyboard, touchscreen laptop too, but this time we will witness a duo. Yes it mean a Laptop with keyboard as well as Touch Screen which is flippable.
Microsoft is launching its store in Bellevue Square Mall and on this great day Dell Inspiron Duo is also hitting their.  The best thing about this Laptop is its screen which can be easily flipped within the lid and lid remains fixed.  So at a time it is a simple laptop and with a press at the bottom of screen… wooo it becomes a fully touchable laptop.

As you can see it in the picture below, screen can be easily flipped:

Anytime you want make it a laptop:

When you need to be a high tech touchscreen gadget with fully loaded features:

You need to be like an alarm to be kept beside your bed so make it so:

Soon it will be available in the stores of DellThis unique hands on was brought by Ben Rudolph.