Twitter gots its new home page.

Since Twitter rolled up in the world of web it constantly keep itself updating with wither new home page or with lots of new features. This time again Twitter came up with a new home page which revealed to the world around first week of April. Have a look at the changing Home page of Twitter.

Here is the old home page of Twitter we used to see before Twitter launched its NewTwitter:

This one is the new Home Page of Twitter which rolled out when after NewTwitter featured:

Now the turn of Current Home Page with a sleek professional look:

You can see that in this new Home Page there is a list of Tweeple with their avatars in a form of strip at the footer area. These tweeple are the most popular users of Twitter like Bill Gates, CNN, CNBC etc. This home page is quite similar to Facebook’s Home page, have a look over facebook’s home page where the login part is above with option to signup just down that.

So right now its time to visit Twitter and Facebook and decide whats the similarity is going on.