Thousands of Twitter password hack and made available online

No one is safe as security breach is happening every day. Recently thousands of Twitter accounts and their passwords are leaked and exposed online. So leaked accounts and passwords were found on Pastebin and after that Twitter is investigating this security loophole. As per twitter officials most of the password and accounts were duplicate or not linked to any existing account.
Twitter Password Hack
Twitter spokesman Robert Weeks told CNET after the twitter password leak incident happened:

We’ve looked into this and can confirm that Twitter was not compromised. For extra precaution, yesterday, we pushed out password resets to accounts that may have been affected.

It’s better to go for a password change even if you didn’t got the reset password mail as to keep a safe side. If you want to check whether your password is leaked or not then you can check out on pastebin’s these five pages: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5. Every time choose a strong password so as to stay safe and secure. Stay safe from twitter password hack and change your password now. Here is our guide for creating strong password.