Ultimate Windows Customizer

Ultimate Windows Customizer Рa simple and freeware application to tweak various settings and customize Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Ultimate Windows Customizer easily customizes and changes your Windows 7 look which includes changing Start Button, Logon Screen, Thumbnails, Taskbar, Explorer look, Windows Media Player etc.

Ultimate Windows Customizer is a freeware application which is developed by TWC Team member Lee Whittington, for The Windows Club. Ultimate Windows Customizer right now doesn’t support Windows 8 but later it will be upgraded for that one too.

Ultimate Windows Customizer

Ultimate Windows Customizer Features:

  • Ultimate Windows Customizer customizes almost all aspects of Windows including, Start Button, Logon Screen, Windows Explorer, Libraries, Context Menu, Taskbar, Windows Media Player and more
  • Very simple and easy to use. No manual Hacks. No need to manually edit the Windows Registry and Windows System files
  • Tested over and over for compatibility between various customizations.
  • 70+ major features with literally tons of sub-features
  • Built in Update Feature to be easily notified of new updates.
  • Backs up all System Files and Registry Settings that UWC deals with and does not modify these.
  • Error Log for easy display
  • Easy uninstallation via the Control Panel.
  • Creates System Restore Point before any customizations are done.

Ultimate Windows Customizer also includes the following tools which will be of help to you before, during or after the customization process.

  • RegOwnIt: Lets you to take ownership of a Windows Registry key
  • Replace It : Lets you replace system files easily
  • Restart Explorer
  • Screenshot Tool
  • System File Checker
  • System Restore Creator

System Requirements for Ultimate Windows Customizer:

  • Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit. Support for Windows 8 and more customization options will be included in the next update.
  • Minimum Space Required for UWC is 28MB. This is due to the nature of the customizations and for backup purposes.

Download Ultimate Windows Customizer.