"UltraCamXP WideAngle" a 196 MegaPixel Camera from Microsoft

Microsoft released a 196 MegaPixel Digital Camera in the series of its product UItraCamXP. The UltarCamXP WideAngle large format digital aerial camera is based on the same concept as of its superior cam UltraCamXp with some new proprietary, digital, high-performance, high-resolution lens system with a shorter focal length. Price of this produc remain same as thatt of its superior but it provides small scaling capabilities to customers with lower-flying airplanes.

The UltraCamXp Wide Angle provides the same large image format as the UltraCamXp at 196 megapixels (17,310 across track x 11,310 along track), and a pixel size at 6 μm and is fully supported by Vexcel Imaging’s UltraMap workflow software system.


  • Ground Sample Distance (GSD) is same ar lower flight altitudes and enough capable of providing small-scale mapping with lower-flying airplanes.
  • Same camera concept and image quality (radiometry, geometry ) as the UCXp
  • Fewer flight lines, less time, and lower costs with largest format available (196 megapixels; 17,310 across track, 11,310 along track) means Pixel size on the ground (GSD) at flying height of 1000 m (at 500m) is 8.6 cm (4.3 cm)
  • Stunning color, color-infrared (CIR) image quality by 1:63 pan-to-color ratio with negligible image vignetting
  • Multi-ray photogrammetry even for large-scale mapping at low altitudes and high aircraft speeds with short fame interval and forward overlaps of 60% are achieved at a 1 inch pixel size at 110 knots
  • Sensor head is fully compatible with the existing DXp and CXp systems which provides UCXp and UCX owners a modular add-on solution for small-scale mapping projects
  • UCXp w/a works with existing environments such as mount and GPS/INS systems
  • UCXp w/a is fully supported by UltraMap workflow software system, including UltraMap/AT option
  • An upgrade path for UCD, UCX and UCXp customers is available by trade in or refurbishment