Wait for Chrome for 64-bit Windows will end soon.

Google promises about the release of 64-bit version their browser Chrome as early as possible. Google already released true 64-bit Chrome for Linux platform till now. V8 Javascript engine is not yet capable of compiling on 64 bit Windows so Google is first trying their hand on Linux and Mac OS, later on Windows. Google is really giving their full fledge to make V8 t rn on 64-bit version of Windows so that Chrome can be released for use world wide. Chrome is available via multiple channel release as Chrome through developer channel, Chrome via Beta channel and Chrome via Stable version release. They already made the 64 bit version of Chrome but some performance issues left are in completion progress to make this version as stable as its 32 bit version is.

Google Chrome for Windows can be download from links given below:
Chrome Beta Version Chrome Stable Version

Google Chrome true 64-bit for testing on Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 and 9.10 can be downloaded from here