Way to avoid online donation scams

Usually Internet is the way to donate or contribute money to our favorite nonprofit organization but in between there is some hidden online scams during the transactions. How to spot it:

One form of fraud is phishing in which spamming is done by fraudulent spam e-mail messages, online forum posts like unwanted things asks funds in the name of well-known legitimates charities or for victims of disasters. These spams’s pop up while working on Internet and may steal money or personal information by providing links to some phony websites seems to be official.

Avoiding steps:

  • Use Microsoft Phishing Filter.
  • Be with technology and improve security of your computer.
  • Directly contact to the well established and known charity agencies that are used before by you or by other trusted person rather than responding to solicitations.
  • Ensure the legitimate site certificates and written policy of protecting personal information before providing credit card number or other personal information to any charity related Website.
  • Never reveal your personal information or click on any unsolicited e-mail received from any charitable organization asking for money.
  • Instead of clicking on e-mail request from charity for donation go to their Website by manually address in browser or simply call them for verification and ask the procedure of contribution.
  • Make habit of typing address of organizations during working online.
  • Usually spoofed Websites deceive users by using deliberate, easily overlooked misspellings so always double-check the spelling of Websites and be habitual of looking at actual address before further steps while browsing Internet.
  • Beware of the photos of disaster victims or areas attached s they may be infected with computer viruses.
  • Keep up to date information of online scams from some professional sources, trusted technology news providers or government agencies.