What is DNS Changer Malware?

Before we start talking about DNS Changer Malware first lets know about DNS. DNS, Domain Name System, is the one responsible for conversion of user-friendly domain like www.google.com into the numerical Internet Protocol (IP) like Whenever we access any website using its domain name via web browser then first task which our computer performs is determination of its IP address. As soon as corresponding IP address is found we connect to the website. System from where our system gets IP address is called as DNS Server which are maintained and operated by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

But what happens when this DNS resolving system gets corrupted and we get incorrect IP address for the sites we want to access. Cyber Criminals does it using a class of malicious software called DNS Changer which let you connects to a fraudulent website. DNS Changer malware either replaces ISP’s good DNS servers with rogue DNS servers on your computer or on network devices via which users connect to Internet.

Cyber Criminals uses this DNS Changer Malware to infect computers around the world and then controls the DNS Server of that computer. They already did it on millions of computer system and network devices all over the world. This malicious infection results in interfered web browsing, risk of more vulnerabilities, and fraudulent website access by user unknowingly.

Check out whether you are infected or not. In case you are affected McAfee will offer you a free solution for that. And if you are not infected then you can access the Internet flawlessly and without any interference from Cyber Criminals using DNS Changer Malware. You’ll see following page if you are not affected:

DNS Changer Trojan

Computers which are impacted by DNS Changer may lose Internet Connectivity as FBI said. In order to assist victims which are affected by DNS Changer malware FBI will turn off the clean DNS servers on July 9th, 2012. You can still have access to Internet using McAfee tool which will help you out of the problem and gives a free solution if user is infected. You must visit following links to check out whether you are affected or not and how to fix it:

Hope you’ll find the solution and will get rid of DNSChanger Malware if you are affected. In case your problem is not solved do let us know and we will put the solution ASAP.