Are you Buying PC with Microsoft Signature?

In our daily life we see lots of PC all around us and every second there are more being purchased. But are you noticing the difference between the Branded PCs and other ones. Branded PCs should look and act brand new but that’s not happening. Microsoft Signature helps you out of this problem. With Microsoft Signature there is an assurance of a PC with no junkware, fully optimization, fast speed and full Microsoft support for the first 90 days.

Whenever a new PC is bought from Microsoft Store, it gets Microsoft Signature on it which is not taken lightly by Microsoft. Every such PC is optimized for top performance and that’s what is called Microsoft Signature.

Microsoft Signature

Love at first start-up: Pre-configured for a smoother and faster start: PC with Microsoft Signature arrive tuned and configured for top performance as it will not be having any trialware or sample software which expires in few days. Such Software bogs down new PCs and you won’t love it.

Love during everyday use: Only the software you need and a clean desktop: Microsoft Signature stamped PCs will run faster, cleaner than those which are not having Microsoft Signature. Each PC will include Windows 7, Windows Live Essentials, Zune software and Internet Explorer fully updated.

Microsoft Signatures offers you:

UP AND RUNNING PC IN MINUTES: From the very first time run PC with Signature run lightning fast.

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Configured by the hands of Microsoft engineers PCs operate at peak performance.

Microsoft Signature

A CLEANER PC: PC from Microsoft Store are clean and lean as they come with only what you need and absolutely no trialware.

WORLD-CLASS SECURITY: Without paying a penny or annual renewal fees you got Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus protection which is already installed and working the first time you turn on your PC.

WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU: 90 days full support from the first day of purchase from Microsoft via phone to the PC user.

So when it comes to buy a branded PC always look for Microsoft Signature which will give you a better and out of box experience than other PC. 🙂