Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman talks about Pinterest; Watch the Interview

Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Networking website based on a virtual pinboard concept. Pinterest let you organize as well share all things which you find on the web. For a user to share on Pinterest some interesting things which is found on the web, simply have to pin it.

Pinterest is made up of boards based on some categories where people pin and share things which interests them on those boards and then such pins are browsed by other people. For example Pinterest is used by people to decorate their homes, plan their wedding or may be to share their creativity.
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Pinterest is started by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann in December 2009 as a closed beta and within in span of just two years Pinterest was in top 10 Social Networking website.

Pinterest is the only Social Networking website which is the fastest site in history which broke 10 million unique visitor’s mark. Right now Pinterest ranks 43rd Globally and 16th in US as per alexa.

Watch the Interview video clip of Co-founder and CEO Ben Silberman at Startup Grind:

Listen to the Audio Interview of Ben Silberman, Co-founder and CEO, Pinterest with Christopher Dixon, CEO, Hunch:

Pinterest is only in invite mode as in order to use Pinterest you must be invited by someone who is using Pinterest or request an invite from Pinterest itself. Pinterest allows you connect via facebook connect or connect through twitter.
Lots of bloggers and website owners are using it for their own benefits by increasing site traffic via it.  If anyone wants to use Pinterest wither request an invite directly from them or contact me for the invite. Happy Pinning. 🙂