What’s new in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

First build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones hits the web and hundreds of users tasted the flavor of new platform on their phones and millions of Windows Insiders are waiting for it. Everyone wants to know the new features so included in this first preview build and what to be expected in near future before the final stable build comes to Phone. Still lots of development is in pipeline and issues so existing or emerging are solved day by day.

Windows 10 for Phones Windows 10 for Phones

While Joe Belfiore talks about various big features and small improvements of the preview whereas so many others are doing hands on over flagship phones. Let’s flash some light over the new Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones via the hands on video from Joe Belfiore:


Features so improved or added are:

  • Customization for Start Screen background: You can now have full screen background image on Start Screen for more personalized experience.
  • Improvements in Action Center: Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 was limited to 4 quick actions at a time but now one can enjoy the new expandable three rows of quick actions items.
  • More Interactive Notifications: Taking actions from action center like reply to text, seeing images for maps, or dismissing alarms is now easily done.
  • Improved Speech-to-text capability: Auto insertion of punctuation and differentiating between ‘two’ or ‘too’ is now easy and more powerful speech-to-text capability in this preview.
  • Photos app’s performance: Photos from your phone or OneDrive are easily accessible at one place with auto-syncing OneDrive feature.
  • Office Apps: Universal app dream is coming true with the preview as Next generation Office is here. And is seamlessly feels same as it does on PCs with all over used Ribbon features.

List is not yet complete yet but is jut a sneak peek preview of the what’s coming next from Microsoft den for Windows Phone users. Stay tuned for more and keep loving Windows. Happy Windows Computing. 🙂