Windows 10 Build 9901 leaks before Windows 10 event due next month

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 9901 leaks with glimpses of few more new consumer features. Full build tag of this leaked build is 10.0.9901.0 (winmain_prs.141202-1718). This leaked build came after the official release of build 9879 and one previous leak of build 9888.

Windows 10 Build 9901 Start Menu

While looking at the above screenshots, it’s clear that this build is an official one and is named as Windows Technical Preview. This build has been compiled on 2nd December. If we try to evaluate from the builds came so far then first one 9860, second official 9879 so the build which Microsoft will be releasing on January 21 next year will be most probably build number 9909 as Windows Technical Preview for Consumer. Let’s have look at some screenshots of this leaked build:

1. New look for Calculator. And it’s clearly visible that Metro app menu are turned into Hamburger style which was eagerly needed by all user.

Windows 10 Build 9901

2. Camera app is updated and gets into beta phase, known as Camera beta.

Windows 10 Build 9901 Camera Beta

3. Getting started option with visibility of Cortana.

 Windows 10 Build 9901 Getting Started

4. As we saw in Windows Phone, Remind Me enters into Windows 10 too. Now it’s easy to create reminders which will be able to run in background.

Windows 10 Build 9901 Remind Me

5. Store also gets an update and we’ll be able to use it in beta phase. It’ll also be having new features.

Windows 10 Build 9901 Store Beta

Soon we’ll post about the new features so found in this leaked build as details about it will be available on web.

Note: Such leaked build are not official releases so we do not recommend installing the same and doing so is at your own risk. No support will be provided from Microsoft in any case.

Images Via: Collection Info