Windows 7 RC on the floor. Grab your Copy !!!

Last week Microsoft released the Windows Se7en RC for MSDN and Tech net subscriber’s and today it goes public. Build 7100 is made official Release Candidate Version of Windows 7. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available for download in five languages as English, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

The RC will be available at least through July, and its download will not be closed on the criteria of  number of downloads or product keys. So we have plenty of time.

Note: The Beta expires on August 1, 2009, and bi-hourly shutdowns will begin July 1, 2009. The RC will expire June 1, 2010, and the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1, 2010

What’s new in Windows 7 RC

In addition to improvements in operating speed, navigation, taskbar, and security, Windows 7 RC has a number of brand-new features we think your customers will be pleased with:

Windows XP Mode enables Windows 7 Professional users to seamlessly run many Windows XP applications in Windows 7. The Windows XP Mode feature is designed to help small businesses that are still using older Windows XP applications to move painlessly to Windows 7. Note: Windows XP Mode is a special download in addition to the RC. Install Windows XP Mode Beta.

Remote Media Streaming enables users to access home-based digital media libraries over the Internet from another Windows 7 PC outside the home in a security-enhanced manner.


Windows 7 RC x86 (32bit) | Windows 7 RC x64 (64bit)

Copy of Windows 7 can be registered and your own Windows 7 RC product key can be get directly from [HERE].