New boot menu in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows Developer got a new UI, features and even the boot menu with lots of advanced options. Point to be noted in the boot menu is now we can use our mouse up there, in the earlier Windows OS it was not available as they were CUI. SO here is a new way to look, deep dive in to booting via Windows Developer Preview. What changes are made in boot menu, you’ll feel the advancement in the images below:

New way of choosing a new Operating System, use your mouse to choose an OS here or click on Change defaults or choose other options.

Click on Change the timer to change timer which is by default 30 sec. Or click on Choose the default operating system to set default OS to boot up.

If you click on Choose other options then advanced settings for repair, boot to another device, turn off, troubleshoot like options menu will be open.

Here you can choose to turn off pc, exit and boot to default os, troubleshoot or boot to another OS.

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