Windows 8 delievers fast booting time

Every user in this computer world worries only about the performance of their system, how it works, its speed accuracy and so many aspects. But when we talk about the boot time no one want to compromise and want the best which can be delivered. And here keeping it on priority we are building an OS which delivers fast boot times as in a click. Windows 8 is being developed such that you can enjoy its booting speed which goes blazing fast and save lots of time in your daily work.

When we talk about power consumption then we have several option like Shutdown, Sleep or Hibernate when it comes to off the system and most of the people prefer shutdown so as to save power rather than sleep or hibernate. So with some goals and to meet user’s desire we developed Windows 8 in the direction of a new fast startup mode which is a hybrid of traditional cold boot and resuming from hibernate. Goals were like:

  • Effectively zero watt power draw when off
  • A fresh session after boot
  • Very fast times between pressing the power button and being able to use the PC.

What’s new we got in Windows 8 which was not in Windows 7 is that instead of closing all of the user sessions, closing services and devices to prepare for a complete shutdown in kernel session, with a little difference we are closing the user sessions, and in case of the kernel session, we hibernate it. That’s from where the fast boot up comes from in Windows 8.

Representation of different phases between cold boot and fast startup.

Here is a demo video of Windows 8 booting:

Download the video: High Quality MP4 | Low Quality MP4

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