Whats new in Windows 8 Explorer

We already saw two features improvement in Windows 8 coming Operating System from Microsoft viz. Improvements in Windows basic Operations like copy, move, delete and Designing of Conflict resolution dialog. Now we will see the improvements in Windows 8 explorer view where Microsoft introduced the concept of Ribbon UI, same as we saw first time in Office 2007 and then in apps in Windows 7 like Paint, Wordpad and Windows Live Essential program.

Lets have a sneak peek preview of Whats new in Windows 8 Explorer, how the change evolved starting the Explorer UI concept in Windows 1.0 uptill WIndows 7 and we have not seen so much change in recent Windows OS, but now we are talking about Windows 8 where the reimagingation of Windows occurs. So for that whole UI is revamped with Ribbon UI concept.

Windows 1.0 Explorer View

Windows 7 Explorer View

Windows 8 Explorer

Changes so far made in Windows 8 Explorer:

  • Ribbon UI introduced
  • Old Menu bar obseleted
  • Old Up button is back
  • More space for files in Explorer
  • Status bar improved
  • Quick Access Toolbar with customization
  • New Details Pane with more details
  • Command bar removed
  • Optimized Explorer for file management tasks
  • Hidden features are now on Explorer Ribbon UI
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for all command in Explorer Ribbon

Check out the pics below which shows the new Ribbon UI and its look:

Windows 8 new Home tab

Windows 8 new Share tab

Windows 8 new View tab

Some changes in file menu and other tools are shown below:

Windows 8 file menu

Windows 8 Search tab giving much more flexibility and options right on same UI

Keyboard shortcuts which all users love (mostly power and advanced users) so that they can access each and every command quickly with ease is now in Windows 8.

The new Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) lets you add or remove commands to the QAT and then the QAT can be displayed above or below the Ribbon UI. Over 200 commands can be added to the QAT by simply right clicking and adding it to the QAT. QAT is fully customized and gives users more options as per their usage to put commands on it.

In all these UI ou must have noticed the old ‘UP’ button which lots of users were missing in Windows 7 and used 3rd party tools to bring back that one, so here we heard about the same and got back the old ‘UP’ button to Explorer UI in Windows 8.

How they reached up to that is explained in following figures:

Complete commands around 200 are viewed for years about their usage and share and then they came to following usage details which lead us to design of Ribbon UI in the way it is looking now in Windows 8.

Command Usage in Windows Explorer

Watch the video of the new Ribbon UI look and feel and wait for the bang which is coming soon at your desk.

Unable to watch the video, don’t worry. Download: High Quality MP4 | Low Quality MP4
Happy Windows Computing!