Windows 8 Hardware Certification Program

Windows Hardware Certification Program (Windows Logo Program for Hardware¬†earlier) is improving their certification experience for Windows 8. Windows Hardware Certification Program provides support of tools, guidance and help so as to make your product more reliable and compatible¬†with Windows. Windows Hardware Certification Program will offer a simplified process to focus on customer scenarios for Windows 8 and it’s recommended that before proceeding for creating hardware products or drivers first learn with this program regarding its new requirements and policies.

Get to Know the Windows Hardware Certification Program

Start to Use the Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements
It’ll be great to use the requirements for the Windows 8 Hardware Certification Program so as to help ensure your products and drivers take full advantage of all that Windows 8 has to offer. With keeping in mind of Windows 8 requirements design and build pf product will be better.
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Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements

Windows Logo Program Hardware will be used to create hardware products or drivers for Windows 7. If you want to see your product running without interfering with other component on Windows-based computers, Microsoft urges you to certify your products with the Windows Logo Program for Hardware.