Windows 8 System Reset feature using History Vault – 13 Screenshots Gallery

In the queue of leaked screenshots of Windows 8 from its M3 Aero Lite to build 7971 now more to this gallery. Here is a 13 screenshots gallery of the new feature of Windows 8 called as History Vault. This feature helps an user to reset the system to a particular point with much more customization than present Windows 7 System Restore feature. Have a look to this new feature via through the snaps of the process:

With the feature of Your look we can change our image and can have a dynamic video too as we can see the Windows Media Player icon on some of the options to choose.

History Vault feature is very important as it increases the security of the Windows and protect your data by creating copies of your important files.

This screenshots is of Turn Windows Features On or Off. In this we can point out that Window Title is set in the center and also the font is much larger than Windows 7 ones.

Have a look of the comparison of the Windows buttons’¬†UI of Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 . We can see the buttons are larger.

Image courtesy via So just stay tuned for more amazing news of Windows 8.