Windows 8 User Interface with Metro Style and Traditional Desktop

Steven Sinofsky¬†revealed the secret of Windows 8 User Interface which we all saw in the videos, screenshots i.e. Metro Style and even the Windows traditional desktop too. With the confusion so created because of user’s taste and the flexibility & ease of Interface both Metro Style and traditional desktop are going in parallel. Metro Style with traditional desktop is the one choice with which the development and discussion is going on and we are seeing the same on the Building Windows 8 blog.

In the first demo of Windows 8, Metro Style was introduced which was fast & fluid, immersive, beautiful and app-centric. It was all about the reimagination¬†of Windows and ‘yes’ the development team really did so and reimagined the concept of Windows but we can’t avoid the huge success of Windows 7 and its UI so in order to cop up with both Metro Style and the desktop experience concept of two UI’s emerged.

Putting all these in one box we come up with Windows 8 which brings the power & flexibility of today’s desktop and immerses with a new Metro Style experience. With no compromise to design we can easily use and switch between the Metro style apps and the improved Windows desktop. It’s just the beginning that we are saying, wait some more time to see much more in the same.

Happy Windows Computing!