Windows 8 and Windows RT Compatible Logo Usage Guidelines released

Microsoft released the usage guidelines for the Windows 8 Compatible Logo for the certified devices and desktop apps that have passed tests of compatibility & reliability with Windows 8. These usage guidelines are for all those companies and individuals who wants to display the “Windows 8 Compatible” logo or the combined “Windows 8 and Windows RT Compatible” logo. After the product passes the certification testing, logo can be used on packaging, in ads, and other promotional materials for that product.

Visual Guidelines for the logo are shown below. Logo’s artwork as is seen is in four colors (solid and reversed) and one can use as per their choice.

Windows 8 Compatible Logo Usage

  • Size. Artwork comes in the recommended size of 16 mm (W) x 20 mm (H). If you resize the artwork, it must be at least 12.7 mm wide.
  • Color. Artwork comes in 4 colors, with solid and reversed versions for each: Purple (PMS 258) / Dark blue (PMS 286) / Cyan (PMS Process Cyan) / Black. Black is provided only for single-color printing constraints, like black ink on corrugated packaging.
  • Contrast. Use the color of artwork (dark blue, cyan, or purple) that aligns with the surrounding elements best. Use black only if you can only print one color.
  • Orientation. Do not display the artwork in an orientation different from what’s shown in this document. The logo is designed for a vertical appearance and should never appear in a different position.
  • Clear space. The clear space around the logo must be at least 25% of its width.

One can use the logo on packaging publicly starting July 31, 2012 and in print, Point-of-Sale (POS) or online after September 1, 2012. For more and completed information visit Dev-Center Hardware.